What Is Tyre Pressure?

Tyre pressure is the amount of air that is inside the tyre. Too much air pressure and there is not enough friction between the tyre and the road. However, not enough air pressure and there is too much friction between the tyre and the road. Both sides have hazardous effects that affect the vehicle and the person driving it.

Tyre pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and can also be expressed as BAR. One BAR is equal to 14.5038 PSI. Which one you need to know is depended on which figure is in your vehicle handbook.

Why Do Tyres Reduce In Pressure?

A tyre can reduce pressure for several reasons over a period of time. This can include causes such as wear and tear from everyday use that can lead to air escaping through the tyre wall. This is why it is important to check your tyres pressure regularly.

The Importance Of Correct Pressures

Checking the pressure in your tyres can be one of the most important measures you can take to maintain your tyre health and vehicle safety. If tyres lose their pressure, they can become difficult to control, manoeuvre and break. Reduced tyre pressure can also lead to lower fuel efficiency and slower steering response. By checking your tyre pressure regularly, you can avoid your tyres becoming a problem and maintain your vehicle’s safety.

How do I know the recommended tyre pressure for my vehicle?

You may find the markings on the side of the tyre an indicator of the tyre pressure. However, this only states as a maximum pressure number. Inside your vehicle manual, you will find the safe recommended air pressure for your vehicle. You may also find the correct recommended air pressure inside the vehicle’s petrol cap or in the sill of the driver’s door. You will see that the numbers are divided between front and rear tyres, in accordance with your tyre size.

How Do I Check My Tyre Pressure?

It shouldn’t take long to check your tyre pressure and can be done at most petrol stations. For the best results, it is recommended that your tyres be cold and not overheated as to avoid an inaccurate reading.  

Step 1 – Remove the screw caps from the tyre valves and check the tyre pressure by pushing the tyre pressure gauge into the tyre valve.

Step 2 –  Lock the valve in place and record the reading. 

Step 3 – Unlock the gauge and remove from the valve. 

If your tyres are under pressure, simply use the provided air to inflate to the recommended pressure amount. However, if your tyres are overpressure, simply release air from the tyre until the correct recommended amount is reached. This process should be repeated on all tyres.

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