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We’re owners and operators of G&H Tyre Services, and very proud to say that our growing mobile tyre fitting service is based in the delightful Wiltshire town of Devizes. We’re known locally as “the two Steves” – Steve Gutteridge and Steve Hayter (that’s where the company name comes from) – and we spend our time on the road in and around Devizes bringing tyres to the people.

In today’s busy world things like tyre maintenance tend to take a back seat, mainly because it’s a hassle having to take time out to wait your turn at a tyre fitting facility, or, even worse, suffer the consequences of tyre neglect by having a puncture or blow-out at a most inconvenient time. As two tyre experts in Devizes we therefore decided we’d make our tyre service mobile, and bring it to you, rather than you having to have the bother.

Obviously, our mobile tyre fitting in Devizes is appreciated. We are kept busy every day with both scheduled appointments and emergency tyre repair and replacement calls, fitting tyres for local motorists in Devizes as well as the unfortunate few who have tyre trouble while visiting or passing through the town.

Devizes is a mecca for traffic, being not far from the M4 motorway with several main routes – the A360, A361 and A342 – passing right through it. Add to this the local population of around 20,000 and that’s a lot of vehicles needing tyres in Devizes.

G&H Tyres provide the full range of tyre services in Devizes from our fully-equipped mobile tyre workshop. We supply and fit all the popular tyre brands in various sizes and specifications at highly competitive prices, anywhere, anytime, for all kinds of vehicles. Whether you drive a mini-hatchback, 4×4, a trade van, a moving lorry, an HGV or tractor we can keep your tyres in fine fettle.

We don’t mind how far we have to travel in the area to bring you our Devizes mobile tyre services – the suburbs of Hartmoor, Jump Farm, Nursteed, Roundway, Southbroom and Wick, or even further afield. No matter where you are – on the roadside, in your driveway, at an office car park, on a construction site or in a field – you will pay no call out fee to have us come and expertly fit new tyres on your vehicle in Devizes on the spot. You simply pay for the tyres and fitting.

Tyres are the most important part of your vehicle – the only component that touches the ground. The condition of your tyres impacts on the whole driving experience, including your steering, breaking, and acceleration. Signs of wear or damage, such as tread depth below the legal minimum of 1.6mm, bulges or cracks in the tyre, uneven wear or slow depressurisation are red flags to be ignored at your peril.

Quality tyres in good condition with a sound grip don’t only go a long way to assuring your safety on the road, but also help promote fuel economy and definitely give you a smooth ride.

When it’s time for new tyres in Devizes, contact G&H Tyre Services, the local experts, on 07739 634 929 (24 hours).

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