FAQs for Agricultural Tyre Fitting

Q: Unless it is obvious, how do I know when to replace agricultural tyres?

Even if the tyres still have tread and look okay, we’d recommend replacing them at least every five years because rubber degrades over time and the tyres may fail at an inconvenient moment – blow-outs and punctures in the field can be time-wasting and costly. Regularly check tyres and call in the professionals if you spot any cracks, cuts, nicks, bulges or canvas/mesh showing through, on the surface and the sidewalls.

Q: I don’t know what type or size of replacement tyres my tractor needs. Can you help?

Yes. Our tyre fitters are highly experienced and trained so you can rely on us to recommend the right set of tyres for your agricultural vehicle. We can explain how to measure your vehicle’s wheel rim, and/or where to find and interpret the size notation on your current tyres. We’ll ask about the vehicle’s usage, as well as the make and model, and discuss brand options with you, before coming out to fit your new tyres.

Q: What kind of agricultural tyres do you supply and fit?

We’re able to fit tyres on any type of agricultural machinery, including tyres for tractors, trailers, harvesters, backhoes, skid-steer loaders, telehandlers, ATVs, lawn and turf equipment, and any farming implements. We can supply all the latest types of agricultural tyres, like flotation tyres, wide section radials, low ground pressure tyres, row crop tyres and many more.

Q: Do you do same day service for agricultural tyre fitting?

We do hold a large stock of tyres at our base in Devizes, so if your requirements are not out of the ordinary we should be able to provide your tyres and come and fit them the same day, if you call us early enough. If you need tyres of a specialised size or type which we don’t have in stock, we will order them in straight away and come to fit them as soon as they arrive, keeping you informed all the way.

Q: Can you fit tyres anywhere – even in a muddy field or on a hill?

Yes. Just warn us to bring our wellies! We can fit tyres anywhere as long as the location is safe for us, you and anyone else in the vicinity, and we can park our mobile workshop at a reasonable distance without blocking any access routes or public roads.

Q: When you fit new agricultural tyres, do you leave them inflated to the correct pressure?

Correct tyre pressure for agricultural vehicles is crucial for performance, tyre wear and soil compaction. There is no perfect pressure – optimum pressure depends on many factors, not least of which being the ground surface, loading and tyre usage. We’ll set the pressure of your new tyres according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and if you wish we can explain how to regulate the pressure to suit various conditions for optimal tyre wear.

Q: Do your price quotes for mobile agricultural tyre fitting include a call out fee?

We don’t charge a call out fee for visiting you anywhere within a wide radius of Devizes, Wiltshire, where we are based. All you pay is for the tyres themselves and a labour cost for fitment.

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