Tyres for Agricultural Machinery

Bradford-on-Avon (BA15), Calne (SN11), Chippenham (SN14), Devizes (SN10) , Marlborough (SN8)

G&H Tyre’s mobile tyre fitting technicians are often to be found out in the countryside, making sure local farmers across Somerset and Wiltshire get the crops planted and harvested, and the stock is fed. We ensure all those impressive agricultural machines have tyres that are up to handling their tough jobs out in the fields and farmyards.

Our tyre experts are extremely clued up on the best tyres to use on agricultural equipment like harvesters, cultivators, combines, backhoes, sprayers, trailers and tractors of all shapes and sizes. Our mobile tyre service supplies and fits all premium tyre makes such as Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Firestone and Mitas, as well as budget brands.

We don’t only replace agricultural and tractor tyres that have come to the end of their useful life – we’re also able to give informed advice on how to optimise and extend agricultural tyre life and make sure you’ve got the right tyres for the job, avoiding damage to crops, the soil and landscape.

We travel across a wide area with our mobile tyre workshop, fitting tyres wherever you need us to, in muddy fields, farmyards, barns, country lanes, paddocks and pastures.

We fit agricultural tyres on farms around Box (SN12)Bradford-on-Avon (BA15)Calne (SN11)Chippenham (SN14)Corsham (SN13)Devizes (SN10)M4 MotorwayMarlborough (SN8)Pewsey (SN9)Trowbridge (BA14)Westbury (BA13).

Call Steve today on 07739 634929 if your tyres let you down on the farm, and we’ll get you moving in a hurry.

Ensure Optimum Tractor Tyre Life

Bradford-on-Avon (BA15), Calne (SN11), Chippenham (SN14), Devizes (SN10), Marlborough (SN8)

We’ve been in the tyre business for long enough to know just everything there is to know about tyres. We take a special interest in agricultural tyres which need particular attention because of the heavy work they do and the difficult conditions they work in.

Large tractor tyres and heavy-duty agricultural equipment tyres don’t come cheap, so it’s wise to know how to care for them correctly to get maximum tyre life – with the added bonus of optimum fuel efficiency.

Ensure optimal performance and longevity for your agricultural equipment with G & H Tyre Services’ comprehensive tractor tyre solutions. Our extensive selection of premium tractor tyres caters to various models, guaranteeing superior traction, minimal soil compaction, and exceptional wear resistance.

Minimize downtime and maximize productivity with our prompt and efficient mobile fitting service, ensuring your tractors are back in operation swiftly. Our expert technicians can also conduct thorough tyre inspections and provide informed recommendations to proactively address any potential issues before they escalate. For a seamless and cost-effective tractor tyre experience, contact G & H Tyre Services today.

Here are some examples of how we can save you money:

  • Incorrect wheel alignment can cause irregular tyre wear. You can call us in to switch the worn tyres around to prolong their life, but to prevent it from happening again you should have the tracking adjusted.
  • Maintain the correct tyre pressure. Tyres are too hard and you’ll have less traction, which might damage the soil structure and increase fuel consumption. Too soft and the sidewalls could be stressed, damaging the tyre casing.
  • We can work out the correct load distribution between the two axles of your agricultural vehicle for particular applications and ground conditions so that the best inflation pressure is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you replace agricultural tyres? What are the best tyres for your tractor? This is the place to get answers to your questions about our tyres and services.

Agricultural Tyre Replacement

Unlike road vehicle tyres, tyres on tractors and agricultural vehicles tend to be literally run ragged, and used as long as possible, because of the expense of replacing them.

It’s not wise, though, to run tyres until they give up completely, possibly in an unsafe or inconvenient situation. It’s best to replace your tractor tyres when they reach the worn threshold suggested by the manufacturer to avoid risks like causing excessive soil compaction, a big slip hazard in wet conditions, a reduction in traction, and burning more fuel. Worn tyres can negatively impact your farm’s productivity.

Deep cuts and bulges in your tractor tyres could be a sign of imminent tyre failure and replacement is advised.

If you notice problems with your agricultural tyres don’t delay – call us in to investigate and give you a competitive quotation for new tractor tyres. We run an emergency 27-hour mobile agricultural tyre fitting service for when you’re caught unawares, or you can play it safe and schedule a tyre check before the worst happens.

Our main tyre services include:

As well as providing emergency and short notice tyre repair and replacement, we at G&H Tyre Services can provide regular contract tyre maintenance and replacement. We build strong relationships with our clients, providing consistent quality service time after time.

We here at G&H Tyre Services are proud to provide emergency 24-hour mobile tyre repair or replacement across Devizes, Westbury, Trowbridge, Bath, Salisbury and surrounding areas. We are your local, reliable and trusted tyre replacement service, with friendly and qualified fitters that come to you.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about how G&H Tyre Services can help you and your agricultural machinery and equipment requirements, call 07739 634 929 today. Alternatively, you can contact us online by selecting Contact at the top of the page. One of our expert and friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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